Our professional team that has years of experience and knowledge to provide the clients with a one-stop accounting, taxation & various business supporting service.

Company Formation
Our team provides company formation in Hong Kong, mainland China and offshore company registry for Chinese and foreign investors. Our company secretary service further assists the clients in their subsequent operations

Accounting, Taxation & Auditing
Our team provides appropriate accounting & taxation solutions via the exhaustive understanding of the business of client on the basis of the ordinances in Hong Kong

The low tax rate in Hong Kong provides business environment to facilitate the development of corporate investment and business expansion. Our team is familiar with taxation handling which provides appropriate taxation advice services according to the business nature and requirements of client

Auditing arrange
According to the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, the auditors’ report have to prepare. The financial year ended can be March / December of each year usually.

IPO Arrange & Consultation service
Hong Kong is the one of the leading capitalization market, we have experience on arrange of various professional parties that can advise on the appropriateness of Listing

Business Centre Service
Cost efficient with Work effective for start-up. Our team creating a comfortable work environment for you

Working Visa
Our team are familiar with applying for working visa and solving related problems. Our team assists the applicants in the preparation of relevant supporting documents, reports on the operation of the companies, financial statements, tax returns and other related files and materials.

Trademark Registration
Our team provides trademark application and registration services in Hong Kong, China and global, and handle different issues for our client during the complex International, Hong Kong and China trademark application process.

Corporate Secretarial Service
Our team has launched company secretarial services to provide related supporting services in the process of company development, and save operating costs for market expansion


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